Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stonehollow Journal October 30th 2011

The last of the raspberries are hanging on the bushes. Most of the leaves have fallen away so they stand out against the brown dreariness like red jewels. I stop the tractor and pop a few of the darker ones in my mouth. They seem sweeter than earlier in the season. It must be the cold nights that bring out the sugar. I resume my ride out to the burn pile to drop off the leaves I've raked from the front yard. It's been so wet that I've had to delay much of the fall cleanup. I drive passed the new orchard Jeanna and I planted this spring. Six new trees. I lost the two cherry in the drought this summer but the apple and peach did well and seem to have been established. I need to get back here soon to wrap them. The deer are numerous and I don't want to lose the trees to them during the winter.