Friday, November 18, 2011

Baking Day at Stonehollow

Baking day at Stonehollow.  The horses require more hay this time of year, the squirrels have returned to the farm in droves to collect the black walnuts on the ground, and peoples appetites for desserts are increasing.  We bake two pumpkin, two chocolate cream a chocolate cake, two peanut butter pies and a large pan of apple crisp.  The kitchen is warm and busy with activity.  Smells of pumpkin and cinnamon seem so inviting as the days get shorter.  We share stories of the past few days and laugh at the antics of our Jack Russell "Maddy".  We recite recipes we've seen lately and suggest improvements to our standards.  We plan to put up the carriage house so we can increase production and share the farm with our neighbors. This is one of the many treasures that come from living at Stonehollow.  The everyday chores are time spent bonding together and to this place.  I am blessed.

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