Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stonehollow Journal November 1, 2011

5:30 AM.  It is a struggle to get up today.  The darkness outside this time of year fights my ambition.  The house is cool but not cold and I wake up to stillness; no rumbling furnace.  I'm thankful for that, both for a lower gas bill and for the impressive pile of gourds outside my back door.  It seemed so innocent when I casually planted a handfull of seeds in the manure pile at the south border of the farm.  The crop surprises me.  We count nearly 90 birdhouse gourds as I snip the stem from the vines and we load them into the wagon.  They need to get into the basement before they freeze.  Jeanna mentions a show she watched on finishing them and I see characters emerge from the pile.  They make it as far as the back door, and I take an armful downstairs every time I come in and out.  I calculate how many times I will need to climb up and down to get them all stashed.  Time to call in some help.  I know the calendar is working against me.


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