Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stonehollow Journal November 2, 2011

 It is a beautiful fall day.  The sun is bright and there is a light breeze.  The ground is beginning to dry after weeks of rain.  We meet at the Albrecht's after work to buy hay.  Fifty more bails tucked away in the barn.  They are heavy, clean bails with no dust.  They make the barn smell so good.  The horses nicker with delight as we carry them in.  I finish filling water buckets and switch off the light.  I would like to linger a while and enjoy the sound of munching but I need to be at church in a half hour.  I say good night as I close the doors.  One sits awkwardly on its broken track.  I've ordered some new ones made and have a new track upstairs on the second floor.  I'll have to call tomorrow to check on the progress.  It would be ideal to get them installed before the snow flies.


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