Monday, November 21, 2011

Thought from the Farm

November has been warm and pleasant.  Fall cleanup continued this week with a thourough sweep of the stalls and mulching leaves in the yard.  The chickens shadowed me, first happily inspecting the bare stall floors and then the fresh cut grass and leaves I'd just raked.  I was also able to fit in wrapping the young fruit trees with cheesecloth to protect them from the deer.  Later I washed and spread out some birdhouse gourd seeds for planting next spring, and spent time turning through the pages of my tree catalog.  I've chosen 10 varieties to add to the orchard including a Persimmon and some Hierloom Apple.  It reminded me of a silly phrase I had written years ago. "Penelope Penquin picked a Persimmon and placed it in a pot.  She added some spice and ooh it smelled nice with cream and some mint served hot!"  I look forward to experimenting in the kitchen with my own Persimmon's in the future.

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