Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Enjoyment

Saturday morning allows for a leisurely cup of coffee gazing out my kitchen window accross the backyard to the trees and meadows beyond.  The sun scatters the shadow of the white picket fence accross the bare lawn with golden yellow stripes.  The sun was up before me and I woke to the sound of grackles perched on the chimney of my bedroon fireplace.  It acts as a megaphone streaming down their clicks and whistles as they warm themselves on the air that escapes up the chimney.  They are the beneficiaries of a less efficient furnace.  The kitchen table is scattered with tasks left for the weekend.  I take a moment to start the fire in the living room then settle back at the table to plan a new day.  First I prepare my tree order to Schlabach's Nursery.  We have decided upon 1 Liberty Apply, 1 Veteran Peach, 2 Jubileum Cherry(tart), and 1 Black Gold Cherry(sweet).  They have been selected for their cold hardiness , disease resistance and storage life.  That makes 10 trees total in our fledgiling orchard.  We dream of the day when it supplies all of our needs for the bakery and our own pantrys.  I will not rush the days until then, or today.  The seasons pass quickly enough.  The sun is already higher on the horizon.  I am on my second cup of coffee and it's time to leave contemplation for more productive thoughts.

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