Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Unusual weather has marked the spring of 2012.  The warm temperatures in March brought early blossoms to the farm.  The weeping cherry and wisteria that enhance the front garden bed were tricked into thinking it was time to throw out buds of white and lavender. A sudden cold snap in April killed the emerging flowers.  Even sheets draped over the shivering trees couldn't stop the damage.  Today there are snowflakes in the air.  I am reminded that growth is most often slow and comes with repeated effort.  The blossoms may have fallen but the plants are strong and shimmering green leaves are taking their place.  The peas are well up in the garden.  They are made for the changeable weather and remain unaffected.    We are in the process of adding eight new trees to the orchard.  I fertilized the four we planted last year and added rich dark mulch around the bases of the trunks.  Before the foul weather crept over the meadow I was able to plant two of the new additions.  One healthy young Liberty Apple tree and a Veteran Peach.  I am reminded that I am imposing my will on this tiny bit of earth that is under my care.  Like the land we tend,we are growing and changing with the seasons on Stonehollow Farm.