Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Early Spring Morning

It's early morning.  The light is dimmed behind heavy clouds.  The air is heavy as I walk across the damp grass to the barn.  The horses stand quietly in their stalls as I put on their halters.  They perk up as I carry hay down the aisle and out the south door to the winter pasture.  This weekend we will finish fencing the south pasture with it's thick spring grass.  When I do, there will be no need to throw hay in the morning.  They wouldn't touch it if I did with the choice of tender foliage all around them.  Last night when we finished baking, we put on our muck boots and spent time brushing our herd of four and led the two babies Colby and Tess past the garden beds and into the orchard.  Their training is progressing well and we will be taking this walk on their backs soon.  The orchard is progressing as well.  I will make time tomorrow to tie soap packets on the branches to repel the deer.  My thoughts leave yesterday and return to my morning chores. The chickens are happy to stretch their wings and greet me and their layer crumbles.  Lucile and Betty are not morning hens so I gently coax them out of the coop.  Three eggs this morning. I cook one for breakfast with two slices of homemade bread that was baked last Saturday.  I will have to knead another batch this weekend.  Always something to attend to at Stonehollow.

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