Friday, July 19, 2013

This past Sunday we spent the afternoon at Lake Ontario on the sailboat.  It's been a tough summer for sailing.  We went literally for weeks with drenching rains following a cool spring.  Sunday was perfect, with temperatures in the 80's, full sun, and hours ahead to enjoy.

 Farms and businesses, homes and families are demanding.  I am often tempted to forego the pleasure of an afternoon of rest and refreshment because the list of things I need to accomplish grows faster that the list of things that I have accomplished.  This is what I have learned (finally!).  Taking the time to rest and reflect helps me to prioritize the important jobs and the ones that are less important can stay on the list until I get around to them.

Sunday was wonderful!  I read my favorite magazine from cover to cover while Larry washed the boat.  We were visited by the family of swans that knows we have treats to share, and we had several hours of enjoyable sailing.

When I arrived home I didn't see the list of work to be done, I saw the farm.  Stone Hollow Farm.


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