Tuesday, January 8, 2019

December 29, 2018

            The bustle of holiday baking in the shop is over.  The stillness that winter brings has settled over the farm.  The animals are tucked in their bedded stalls on the lowest level of the bank barn.  The stone walls and heavy doors keep the shrill wind at bay even on the coldest nights.  A season of dormancy is in its fullness.
            Yet….There is already an anticipation of spring.  The goat does hold a secret of new life arriving in May thanks to a borrowed buck who returns to this own home today.  Tiny shoots in the south kitchen flowerbed are pushing through the dirt as if to test the air.  The hens are beginning to lay eggs again.  Not many, one, and then two as each day’s light is extended.

            Inside the farmhouse we are taking time to catch our breath, reflect on the year just passed and imagine the one before us.  This coming year holds plans for new varieties of heirloom vegetables and heritage animals alike and for mending fences both literal and figurative.
            Stone Hollow Farm is a living, ever evolving and fertile haven for bees, plants and animals both wild and tame.  All the more so for those of us who are blessed to be stewards of this place.  As stewards, it is both a privilege and a joy to carry the mantle of those that cared for the land before us.  Join me each month of 2019 as I discover the history and chronicle the challenges, triumphs and revised plans, on a small canal town farm in Western New York.


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